BRN (Business Referral Network) is a group of local business people who meet weekly to learn about each others business and to give qualified business referrals. Our focus is to enroll members who are dedicated to their profession, interested in growing their business and willing to assist other members by offering referrals.

BRN members are thoroughly screened by our executive group, to assure the highest quality of professional services. We maintain a strict governing policy which all members must adhere to in order to remain a member in good standing. We only do business with people we trust to take care of our clients.


To grow your business! A lead referred from another professional is the best type of prospect. Membership in our group ensures that you and your business will be an integral part of a winning team.


There is only one person from a profession or business permitted in the group, which avoids members competing for referrals.

BRN Members work together to create a supportive and productive atmosphere helping members to grow their businesses while building solid business relationships.